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I have always thought,

Rest and recovery don’t get the press they deserve. I have been telling people for a while to use Sunday to not only rest but to take care of business. Josh Hillis has this great idea of using Sunday as the day where you buy the food, prep the food and store the food. That….  

Workout Report: Garage Gym: 39 degrees in flip flops with shorts and a t-shirt

If there is a secret to success, “if,” I would argue that it comes in two parts: First, get good advice. Call it “coaching,” if you will. Second, do it. Yes, I know: amazing. Today’s workout was one of those nice workouts that looks so easy on paper and yet, with the elements, becomes difficult…..  

Welcome to the New Site

I know, I know the old one was a dinosaur. It was cutting edge when I opened it with its use of the revolutionary “pdf”  But it’s time to move into a new generation. The timing is perfect. I have a few days off and I’m I am just excited about the new things I….  

Once again I’m on the wave early

For those of you who want to hear from the family “This is crack for breakfast,” Dan’s breakfast in a slow cooker: Bunch of oatmeal (old fashioned or steel cut…very inexpensive in bulk) Handful or more of raisins If you can get dried cranberries, toss in some. The secret: Flax seed. A cup or more?….  

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