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I used to have the theory that you “hook, hook, hook.” After reading Kono’s book and talking with others, I am not so sure. Hooking really helps your snatch, probably helps your clean, too, but it isn’t as obvious. That said, you have to ask yourself…”is the couple of weeks of thumb pain worth learning….  

Overhead Squats: Adding to a program

Overhead squats! Here I am, the self proclaimed ambassador of overhead squats, willing to go anywhere on the globe to preach the message, and I nearly forgot them! OS build lower back strength as well as anything. They really build your spinal erectors in an odd way: sort of like an isometric but a “movement….  

Overhead Squats

Obviously, from about 2001 or so…an answer to an Overhead Squat question. I get the bar overhead for O.Squats by snatching it from the floor. I gave my racks away a couple of years ago, so I take everything from the floor. However, when I go out to Juan Diego Catholic High School, I use….  

Rotational Strength

In response to an inquiry on rotational strength, let me ramble on for a few hours. First, I have tried as a coach and a thrower to do every thing possible to build this aspect of my throw. It is harder than you think. I would always argue a good base of ab work for….  

Archive of a Long Conversation

The following is a series of discussion between me, Brooks Kubik, and Andy Fochtman discussing the programs. You can find them for free here: These are unedited and confusing and will remain that way.

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