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Ephedrine Question

The word about ephedrine in the throwing sports is that it does help burn fat and make your lifting go better (but it can really screw up your throwing with the whole “rage” issue), but your nervous system gets beat up very quick. Odd comment, perhaps, but “I’ve been told” that it works for a….  

Q and A’s from the Draper Forum

I’m curious about Coach’s thoughts on pre-performance psyching for himself, for his HSers, etc. Do you have a different line of thought for your own performance? Do you advise differently according to age, gender, or sport? Honestly, other than telling a kid to get focused and small technical reminders or cues about technique or breathing,….  

Shopping List for Someone Who Doesn’t Have Kids

Meat Poultry Sausage Bacon Fish Shellfish, if you can eat it Canned Tuna Salmon (in the can or fresh…the king of grilled foods!) Eggs (buy them in the five dozen containers) Heavy Cream, for coffee Real butter, if you use it Cheese, for some people, not for everybody Salad Greens: everything you can eat raw!….  

An Attempt to Match the Old York Courses

When I reference being 43 in this article, it will give you an idea of how old this is… That “thump” you heard was my rear end crashing down. I decided to do my own little variation of York Course Three and try to get to the Bronze standards on a few of the lifts…..  

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