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Light Weeks?

I like three hard and one easy week. I examined my journals (all the way back to 1971) and found that I naturally do it with illness, injury or crappy efforts. So, I decided to just learn to plan it. It is really a hard thing to teach young athletes, but the same holds true….  

How many days per week?

Compared to things like football or wrestling or boot camp or war, three days a week full body is not too stressful. I think the human body can handle a ton of load and make progress, especially in strength gain. The secret is to find the least amount of work that will provide the most….  

Athletic Carryover: Answer to a Question

“Great weightlifters would readily (one year) make elite/champion kettlebellers and not vice versa” I can only address this with my experiences, but I have only found two things in life that “carried over” into other sports: high school wrestling and the O lifts. Wrestling in high school is one of the rare times in life….  

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