Summa of Articles


Coyote Point KB Club pdf
My Complexes pdf
Juan Diego Warm-up pdf
From the Ground Up Free Ebook
The Dick Notmeyer Glossary pdf


Get Up Special Coaching Edition
A Beginner’s Olympic Lifting Program
To Grad from Dad


Problems, Mysteries, Shakespeare, Fitness, Tongues and More
Armor Building
But, really, I have heard of me…

Training for Middle Age and Beyond


Build Bigger Muscle Fast
Leg Exercise

Deadlift for Total Body Strength

Back Workout

The Suitcase Walk for a Stronger, Tighter Core

The Henry Cavill Workout

Quick, Muscle Building Cardio Workouts

Kettlebells Vs. Free Weights: The Smackdown

Squat Exercise Tips

The Best Cardio Workouts You’ve Never Tried

Fitness: Forgotten Muscles

Advice: Are there any benefits to using kettlebells instead of dumbbells?

Advice: What Easy-to-Learn Whole-Body Exercise can I add to my Regular Workout?

Articles on T-Muscle


The Overhead Squat Article
Pushing the Limits
Lessons from the Past
The Ten Commandments of Recovery
Lifting Q&A
100 Reps
Training for the Busy Working Guy
Ralph Maughan Discus Commentary
Thinking Throwing Through
Some Ideas about Muscle Gain
The Huge Missing Archives pdf

A one-hour video teaching the O lifts



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